Month: December 2017

Apple Vs. Android: witch one should I use?

I have always been a bit of a neutral Smart Phone user. My first smart phone was an android but then during the years I used it I noticed a lot of things I was missing out as everybody used iPhones and Face Timed anybody they could. So, I got an iPhone and to this day I am very pleased with it. Here are my thoughts on these two phone operating system types. 

  • One of my main issues with Android was the Play Store. I had never used an iPhone before but I still didn’t like the way to download apps and search for apps on Android. I think I really didn’t like the design so it put me off quite a bit. App Store is so much easier to use. It is bright, very easy to see the app icons and much quicker to search and find what you are looking for in the store. I personally prefer iOS app store to Google Play Store.
  • A major advantage of using Android is that you can choose from so many different phone models and brands. Most smart phone makers use Android. Well, all of them except Apple. So, if you are willing to have the same phone for the rest of your life (with slight improvements every year) iPhone is totally amazing and the perfect phone for you. If you would like to change it up a bit and use different phone models throughout your lifetime them probably Android phones are your best bet.woman taking picture of sunny city skyline with a smart phone
  • Face time on iOS is such a perfect way to have a quick chat with your friends and loved ones. It has become a necessity to a lot of people.  It is not uncommon to move abroad from your friends and family and is those cases it is crucial to have a way to communicate face to face. Imagine if you are in a long-distance relationship! Sure, you could use Skype but that takes up loading time and it is much harder to use than one quicks Face Time app.