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Focusplus Developments Ltd. was started in August 1995 and it's first contract was at Sandwell M.B.C. at Oldbury providing technical support and disaster recovery expertise  mostly on ICL mainframes, but also on various types of Unix servers. That contract ended in early 2000.

In early 2000 the company moved into Web services and programming starting to add skills in various web technologies. By late 2000 the company was developing web sites for several UK companies.

Between December 2000 and July 2003, the director worked full-time at Actis Limited, a derbyshire company who specialised in developing educational resources for the national curriculum. They also produced web sites for various museums and similar organisations. Experience was gained in a large variety of web related technologies, especially those related to the education sector.

Redundancy in July 2003 forced a change and from Octobr 2003 to March 2004 I worked for Warwick University (maternity leave cover) as their webmaster looking after several Sun Solaris servers. I also started doing Flash development during this time and built a Linux server for them using Red Hat Linux.

Since July 2004 consultancy and development work has been provided to a large number of clients across the country and beyond. (See the home and portfolio pages.) The most significant of those clients was Learndirect for whom I built 2 public facing web sites and an Intranet. All in Joomla. I also wrote my first Joomla extensions for them, converting a large suite of MI scripts written in Perl to four Joomla components and some associated modules. Also a reporting system called Datastore.  (2006-2008.)

During 2004 and 2005, a lot of work was done integrating multimedia front-end applications written in Flash MX 2004 with server-side databases (MySQL) and scripts. (PHP and Perl.) Much use was made of  Flash's XML support during this work.

A lot of projects were also developed using customised versions of the open-source Mambo CMS and several with osCommerce.

SInce 2009, I have specialised in developing Joomla extensions, though it has proved difficult to keep up with all the new versions of Joomla, especially when they are often released with little documentation.

The company specialises in finding the most cost-effective solutions for it's clients. To this end it will recommend using existing open-source applications where appropriate and customising them to fit the clients needs exactly.

Where a suitable open-source application is not appropriate or even available, then it will produce bespoke applications for the client as necessary.

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