Since 2006 we have done development work (in WAP 1/2, XHTML 1.0, CSS2, PHP4/5, Javascript (including AJAX) or Flash MX 2004/Flash 8) for

among many other clients, many of them situated all over the world.

We specialise in working to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards wherever possible, both for page compliancy and accessibility.

We specialise in setting up Joomla-driven web sites for our clients, customising things where necessary, and also in developing Joomla components and modules.

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Latest News

November 2014

  • Site re-instated in full after demo sites updated. Development of RAM to be continued in due course.
  • If you'd like an enhancement of one of our products, then please make a donation. Send your suggestion using the contact form and I'll see what I can do. Remember to include the product name and version. (The Joomla and PHP versions also help. Smile )
  • Note that there are significant issues moving to newer versions of PHP. In PHP 5.4 STRICT error reporting is enabled by default. (Being dealt with now.) In 5.5 you'll get loads of warning about mysql_ commands being deprecated. A PITA. I am dealing with them as my hosting a/c gets updated. (Currently on PHP 5.3.) At some point all those mysql_ commands are going to have to be replaced with probably mysqli_ commands which are object orientated. That will take a lot of work. As you can probably imagine there are a LOT of mysql_ commands in our products, sigh...

July 2014

  • Converted 3 more RAM modules to work with Joomla 3.n. (Jobs by Location, Role & Sector.)

June 2014

  • Working on RAM 3.0.0 Stable Update 2 (Joomla 3.n.) again.

May 2014

  • Working on RAM 1.6.0 Stable Update 16 (Joomla 2.5.n) and 3.0.0 Stable Update 2 (Joomla 3.n.) They contain some significant enhancements.

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