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Examples of projects worked on recently...

  • The Derbyshire Caving Association web site. (Joomla 2.5.n. 2012.)

    A large web site created over several days reproducing, then enhancing the structure and content of the old static site.


  • JCE was installed (including the advanced file and image managers) for ease of content editing.


  • I was then asked to take over administration of the site from the old webmaster as he had insufficient time to keep it up to date.

DCA Home page

  • The Royal Oak Inn, Wetton, Staffordshire web site. (Joomla 1.5.n. April 2010.)

    A simple web site created in 3 hours. JCE was installed (including the advanced file and image managers) for ease of content editing by the owners of the pub.


  • Help is at Hand web site. (PHP5 and MySQL. Joomla 1.5.n. November 2008 to August 2009.)

    Converted the Perl Management Information application accessed through the above site to 4 Joomla (PHP) components and modules for UFI Ltd. / Learndirect.

    The components provided both frontend functionality to users of the site and comprehensive admin facilities for UFI staff to manage the MI information submitted by it's centres and other data required for the MI application.

    (The new components and modules went live with the minimum of problems.)

Backend admin functions:-

Screenshot of the Component menu items

Above: Component menu items

Below: One of the admin facilities

Screenshot of One of the admin facilities

Frontend functions:-

Screenshot of Data Entry Form page

Above: Data Entry Form

Below: Data submission downloads

Screenshot of Data submission downloads page

I also created 2 public facing websites and an Intranet in Joomla for Learndirect. The Intranet also involved writing a PHP application called 'Datastore', which was a data storage and reporting system. This was integrated into the Joomla Intranet.

I also produced user manuals for all these sites and applications.

  • Northern SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme web site. (Joomla 1.5.n. October to December 2008.)

    Developed for Natural England and the CNCC. Installed DOCman for document upload and management by NE staff, a Google Maps component to show the locations of SSSI's, etc. (see screen shot), QuickFAQ, Xmap (site map generator) and JCE (including the advanced file and image managers) for ease of content editing.
Screenshot of Northern SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme web site home page
Screenshot of Google Map showing the locations of SSSI's, etc.

  • Rapid Klean web site. (Joomla 1.5.n. June 2008.)

    A simple design was created for this small web site with the lavinyav6 Joomla template being used as the basis for a new customised template. (The lavinyav6 template is a standards compliant one that is easy to customise.)
Screenshot of rapidklean web site home page

  • Cheshire Consulting Centre web site. (Joomla 1.5.n. PHP and MySQL. April 2008.)

    Site was created using graphics supplied by the client with a page layout similar to a couple of other web sites the client liked. The standard Joomla template rhuk_milkyway was used as the basis for a new customised template. A separate template was created for the splash page.Also developed a similar site more recently for The Toleman Practice.
Screenshot of Cheshire Consulting Centre web site home page

  • UniRisx Ltd. web site. (Joomla 1.5.n. PHP and MySQL. April 2008.)

    The client provided a mockup of the sort of design they would like (as a powerpoint presentation) and the standard Joomla template (Beez) was used as the basis for a new customised template.
Screenshot of unirisx web site home page

  • Skiloop Ltd. web site. (Joomla 1.0.n. PHP and MySQL. October 2007.)

    This was a conversion of an old 'partially functional' ASP web site. The existing page design was converted into a Joomla template and the site rebuilt in Joomla. Added support for 4 foreign languages using Joom!fish and e-commerce facilities using casino online the latest version of Virtuemart. Translations of all the menu items and page contents were pasting into the Joom!fish language manager.

    The project took just 6 days in all!

    The site was upgraded in July 2008 to the latest version of Virtuemart which has support for multiple currencies.
Screenshot of Skiloop web site home page

  • E2BN/Cambs. ICT Services Nursery Project web site. (PHP and MySQL. 2007.)

    Based on a slightly customised Mambo 4.5.2. The look and feel of the category and item listings was changed among other things. (See screenshot.) The site deals mostly with Early Years Foundation Stage Maths and is aimed at Nursery practitioners.

    A dynamic site map component (samSiteMap) was added, as was the Simpleboard Forum component, (along with the Badword Filter component), the Google Maps component and extensive use was also made of the MGM Gallery Manager component. (Again slightly modified.)
Screenshot of Nursery Project web site

  • Darfar Potholing Club web site. (PHP and MySQL. 2007.)

    Web site to facilitate communication between the club members and other organisations like the National Trust. (Based on Joomla 1.0.n.) Site included a number of photo galleries using the MGM Joomla! Gallery Manager component.

    A blogging component was added in March 2008.
Screenshot of DPC web site home page

  • Strangersreunited web site. (PHP, MySQL, Javascript and AJAX. 2007.)

    Based on Joomla 1.0.12, this site (for Media Easier Ltd.) required numerous amendments to parts of Joomla such as the user registration page, the 'your details' page and the user admin facility.

    The Google Maps Joomla component used to drive the map was heavily customised to the client's requirements.
Screenshot of Strangersreunited web site map page

  • Peak District SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme web site. (PHP, MySQL. 2007.)

    Based on Mambo 4.5.6 Stable. A document upload facility writtten in PHP was added, as were gallery and forum systems.

    The Google Maps Mambo component (slightly customised) was used to add a map page showing the locations of SSSI's within the Peak District.

    A Joomla 1.5 sub-site was later added to store all completed monitoring forms.


Screenshot of Peak District SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme web site home page

  • The Day After... Project history web site. (PHP, MySQL, Javascript and Flash MX 2004 Professional. 2006/7.)

    Based on Mambo (4.5.2), this was developed for E2BN and includes a specially written multiple video viewer application (in Flash) to allow pupils to watch a number of videos of interviews of children dressed up in period costume and answering questions about a historical event they had witnessed, (see below right), and navigate between them.

    Registered users of the site can store notes about the interviews in the database and create stories based on them for reading out and/or printing.

    A talking glossary system was produced based on the multi-purpose glossary system we produced for E2BN in 2004. A talking Sitepal Avatar was added to use dynamic text-to-speech to speak the terms and their descriptions. (See below left.) The appropriate text was passed to the Avatar via Javascript functions dynamically modified by the PHP code. The Sitepal Avatar was also used in several other places in the site.
Screenshot of The Day After web site home page
Screenshot of The Day After glossary
The Day After glossary page
Screenshot of The Day After video viewer
Flash Video Viewer application

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