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Survey Manager

Survey_Submission_Top_SmallSurvey Manager (SM) is a versatile product which allows you to create your own forms for questionaires or surveys.

The frontend of the component allows your site visitors to complete the forms, upload photos, documents and media files and submit them.

Form submissions can be revised until they are finalised by the user. (This can be done automatically too.)

Includes a comprehensive backend admin system providing full control of the surveys and data.

There is now a version for both Joomla 2.5.n and 3.n. Both are included in the zip file.

(License: GNU/GPL.)

Click on this link for the Joomla 2.5 demo site which includes access to the backend admin system. The database on this site will be reset regularly. The login details are on the site home pages of the 3 different user types. Click here for the Joomla 3.n demo site.

For more screen shots and price information, etc., please go to the product shop page.


  • The frontend of the component lists the forms available to the user, allows your site visitors to complete the forms, submit them, view their previous submissions, etc.
  • Form submissions can be revised until they are finalised by the user. (This can be done automatically too.)
  • Form sections/questions can include images and multimedia objects such as MP3 files, Flash files or videos.
  • Forms can be split over multiple pages using sections.
  • 'Start Date' and 'End Date' fields are available to control when forms are displayed.
  • The backend admin system provides full control over which forms are online pokies shown and has facilities for manipulating the submitted data as well as creating and changing the forms as required. Also downloading the submission data as CSV files.
  • Supports Data Types:- Boolean, Date, DateTime, Integer, Text, Time, Email, Captcha, Derived, image and file.
  • Field Types:- checkbox, radio, select, text, textarea. Compound questions.
  • Several useful standard frontend and backend reporting and graphing functions are available.
  • Form sections and questions can be easily re-ordered.
  • Limited Community Builder (CB) integration. (To determine what forms are shown to what users.)
  • Whole forms, form sections and questions can now be copied.
  • Conditional questions can be created by the use of appropriate section and question titles.


This will list all forms that are available to you to complete and also details of any submissions you have already made. (You will need to login to be able to see any forms listed.)

The two forms below show 2 different layouts of forms that could be used to review or rate objects such as properties, songs, videos, etc.

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 June 2014 23:35