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Recruitment Agency Manager

thumb_search_pageRAM allows a Recruitment Agency to advertise vacancies, accept client/employer, candidate/job seeker and partner registrations, CV/Resume submissions, etc.

Candidate can apply for vacancies, track interviews, etc.

Clients can submit and manage vacancies and view any applications and interviews for them.

Partners can refer clients and candidates to the agency.

Has the facility to allow charging for job submissions by clients and job applications by candidates. Use in combination with the RAM Paid Content Module which allows users to purchase credits in advance. Charging can also be done for CV/Resume downloads.  Charging is enabled/disabled by global parameters.

There are many other facilities, many provided by free or non-free modules to be found elsewhere on the site...

There are hundreds of users using various versions of RAM with few problems.

There is a version for Joomla 2.5.n and also for Joomla 3.n. (Both are included in the zip file.)

(License: GNU/GPL.)

Click on this link for the Joomla 2.5 demo site which includes access to the backend admin system. The database on this site will be reset regularly. The login details are on the site home pages of the 3 different user types. Click here for the Joomla 3.n demo site.

For pricing information, more screen shots, etc. on RAM, please go to the RAM shop page.


The component front page provides a Vacancy/Job Search form, top 5 / featured vacancies, job details display and job application. (With CV submission.)

Candidates can store comprehensive details about themselves, apply for vacancies, track their applications, interviews, etc.

Clients can change their company details, submit new vacancies and view/manage their previously submitted vacancies via the site frontend. They can also view any applications or interviews for any of their jobs.

Partners can view the current vacancies and refer new Clients and Candidates to the agency.

A full set of UK Areas (countries and counties), US and Australian states, South African Provinces, New Zealand States and Districts and Indian States is included and can be installed in seconds. A set of example sectors and rate bands is also included and can also be installed in seconds.

The backend admin system allows the administrator to manage clients/employers, jobs/vacancies, candidates/job seekers, applications, interviews, areas/locations, sectors, roles, partners, custom fields and rate bands. The look and feel of the
component can be managed via the CSS Admin page so it can fit into your web site. There is also a facility to export CSV files of client, candidate, partners and jobs/vacancies. (And a monthly MI report can also be produced too.)


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